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Reasons to buy a Toshiba Machine

There are advantages to using injection molding machines  More

Simply out... it simplifies input

Simply put... it simplifies input Toshiba Machine's V50 Controller It simply requires less training, closing the skill gap and helping new operators quickly start molding. It uses simple, traditional plastics processing terms. Intuitive screens. Now installed on every Toshiba Machine Servo Electric and Servo Hydraulic machines.  More

TV800 Robot Leading Innovations

TV800 Robot Leading Innovations Toshiba Machine demonstrates the TV800 Six Axis Industrial Robot. Watch as this intuitive robot decants a series of flasks containing colored liquids into the correct depository.  More

Strengths of the Toshiba Machine Group

Toshiba Machine produces high quality products used around the world.  Our goal is to create products that contirubute to the advancement of society.  Our products support all types if manufacturing in all types of industries. Now in an age of great change, we aim to be the global company that the world can count on for #1 quality.  More