Machine Specifications

Compared with conventional hydraulic machines, all-electric machines consume one-third to one-fifth the electricity. In addition, hydraulic fluid and cooling water are not required. Significant savings in running costs can be realized while simultaneously achieving harmony with the environment.


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Model"US" TonnageAvailable Shot Sizes (oz.) / GPPSTie Bars (H x V)Mold Min / MaxControllerMarket(s)
EC720SX720 (US Tons)192.2 / 234.9 / 262.6 / 344.8 oz.41.7" X 37.7"17.7" X 41.3"V50USA/International
EC950SX950 (US Tons)102.2 / 124.9 / 140.2 /183.3 oz.51.9" X 51.9"19.6" X 43.3"V50USA/International

INJECTVISOR V50 Control System

The V50's intuitive, 15" touch screen with a 40% improvement in communication speed, uses real-time input to report mold conditions and make automatic adjustments to mold settings. This results in great part repeatability a few rejects.

1) High Performance HMI (Human-Machine Interface)

-Enables data browsing or printing on the personal computer by means of USB thumb drive or iPAQET LiTE

2) Wide Split Screen

-Displays informaiton necessary for the process on a split screen independant of the setting screen, minimizing the changing of setting screens.

3) Signal customizing function

-Enables arbitrary selection of output signal to peripheral equipment


Our "SX" Series All Electric machines offer more standard features than ever before; Link Line Toggle Unit, Ejection Servo with Brake, Linear Bearings, iPAQET LITE, 15" LCD Touch Screen, as well as high wear Barrel and Screw combinations, Stainless Steal Hopper, Auto Purge, Dual Air Blow and much more. 


Toshiba "Proprietary" iPAQET LITE Machine Monitor System

This system is designed to monitor the Toshiba injection molding machine in real time using a USB stick. The monitored data can be download for every shot and can be viewed and analyzed off-line with conventional software.

Toshiba Option / "Proprietary" iPAQET Monitor System

This system monitors and manages multiple "Toshiba" injection molding machines in real time through a LAN network. In addition to production monitoring and collection and analysis of data, the system enables centralized management of a wide variety of information from Toshiba injection molding machine operations status through to resin lot monitoring.