Machine Specifications

All Electric "Small & Medium" (USA & International)
Introducing the all-new ECSXII - all-electrics with the same versatility and performance, along with a streamlined frame design, significantly faster injection speeds and new features making your investment work harder and smarter. Extremely flexible and versatile, the new ECSXII is ideal for virtually all molding application, from automotive and aerospace, to packaging, medical and more.
All Electric "Large" (USA & International)
The EC-SX series with its highly functional controller responds to high speed injection and a wide range of customer's molding needs, in addition an upgraded core performance. The highly functional controller 'INJECTVISOR-V50' which has a variety of molding controls and readiness for special specifications now has a brand-new Clamping Force Self-Tuning (DST-Press) and Injection Process Condition Self-Tuning (DST-Fill), preventing quality instability from outside factors, and promises you more stable molding.
Hydraulic "Medium / Large" (USA & International)
The GS & GT Series hydraulic machines have been specifically designed for the molding of medium to large sized parts, multi-cavity tooling and various types of resins. The use of high rigidity platens and a center ram help reduce deflection allowing superior molding of tight tolerance product. The unique clamping unit and the twin cylinder design of the injection unit reduces the overall footprint and uses less energy than previous models.
Hydraulic "Large" (USA & International)
DF Series of machines are compact in design yet highly efficient and simple to operate. Designed for faster mold opening / closing, a time loss prevention will result from the locking and unlocking of the halfnuts during mold opening / closing.
Hydraulic "Small/Medium" (USA & International)
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