Our Services


TMAC is a smart alternative for financing your Toshiba Machine purchases. We serve Toshiba Machine’s customers in the U.S., Canada and portion of Mexico and offer fast, convenient service and a wide variety of highly competitive financing options. Our in-depth knowledge of your industry combined with our expertise in financing enables us to provide options that often cannot be matched by other funding sources. We’re sure you will be pleased with what we have to offer. TMAC looks forward to being the financing source for your Toshiba purchases.


We believe there are five main reasons why we should handle your financing needs:

  • We are Toshiba’s Own In-house Financing:
    Because we are located in Toshiba Machine Co., America’s corporate headquarters and because we only finance Toshiba equipment, our product and industry expertise enables us to truly understand your business and your needs.

  • We are Creative and Flexible:
    Our in-depth knowledge of your industry, combined with our expertise with the Toshiba equipment, enables us to create financing programs that oftentimes cannot be matched.

  • We are Large Enough to Handle any Need:
    TMAC’s resources make it possible to provide more flexibility and more options than many other financing sources.

  • We are Small Enough to Value Your Business:
    Our customers benefit from the importance that we place on customer satisfaction. Our primary focus is to service Toshiba’s customers and establish long-term relationships and not merely just “do deals”.

  • We Work Quickly:
    We know that in order to seize opportunities in today’s market we have to respond quickly to our customers’ requests. Because our financing decisions are made right in our office, we can often provide formal credit decisions before a traditional source can even submit an application.