Service Support – Ensures Superior Machine Performance and Productivity

We understand the vital role Machine Tools play in the profitability of your business. To ensure your machine investment will never let you down, we offer a complete menu of technical services and support including:

  • Installation and start-up service; proper installation, efficient machine start-up and on-site operator training assure your Toshiba machine will be as productive as possible, as soon as possible.

  • Field service; our staff of technical service representatives is on call nationwide, ready to perform machine repairs or service at your location.

  • Telephone technical support; our team of technical experts is available to provide fast, over the phone answers and solutions to your urgent questions and problems...


North American Inventory

Toshiba Machine maintains extensive machine inventories in our US and Canadian locations. The result is shorter than the average delivery time for most of our customers. Toshiba Machine also offers semi-custom machinery on an order by order basis. If you have a requirement that is not listed, please feel free to call us and speak with a member of our sales staff.

Spare and Replacement Parts as Close and Convenient as your Telephone

To minimize your risk of production stoppage or excess maintenance downtime, Toshiba Machine maintains a multi-million dollar inventory of parts in our Chicago area headquarters as well as our Canadian office. Most parts can be shipped the same day you place your order for delivery the next morning via overnight service, or same day counter to counter service if required.

Training – Helps to Build the Skills and Confidence of your Workforce

We offer a variety of training programs monthly at our North American Tech-Centers, and we offer customized, on-site training, as well. All courses include a balanced mix of classroom presentations, machine demonstrations, and hands-on learning.

Laser and Alignment Service
  • Reduce downtime and ensure reliability.
  • Reduce scrap and the need to rework parts.
  • Grade your machines by accuracy and repeatability.
  • Eliminate time-consuming inspection runs, readjustments and machine tests.
  • Meet ISO standards by maintaining the consistency of your machine tools and parts.
  • Have on hand, a complete analysis of results before and after positional and geometrical accuracy correction.
Financing – Fast, Flexible and Direct

Once you’ve made your purchase plans, Toshiba Machine offers fast and flexible financing through TM Acceptance Corp. TMAC offers the convenience of financing or leasing purchases in the U.S., and Canada. TMAC can work closely with you to structure a package tailored to meet your specific needs. Customized financing options include:

Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd Providing a complete solution

Toshiba Machine, an internationally respected manufacturer headquartered in Numazu, Japan incorporates seven business segments providing advanced machinery, hydraulic equipment and control systems to several industries. As a diversified machine builder, Toshiba Machine's main production facility is in Numazu.