Machine Specifications


Toshiba Machine’s R Series line ranges from 250 to 800 tons clamping force and is equipped with a servo valve injection system providing injection speeds capable of injecting almost any type of casting material before solidification. 

  • Injection speeds capable of reaching 10-13m/s
  • Capable of controlling the injection cylinder acceleration and deceleration throughout the injection process. 
  • Servo technology provides real-time feedback control and learning function to achieve the higher precision needed for complicated injection motions.
  • The R-Series machine line has also incorporated TOSCAST 888 as a standard item, allowing communication not only with the injection servo, but the entire machine.
250-800Tons NEW R-Series Injection Speed Up To 13.0m/s with TOSCAST 888 RETURN TO SEARCH
ModelMachine TonnageMax Injection SpeedMax Injection ForceMax Clamping ForceTie Bar SpacingMachine Mass
DC250R-H25013 m/s270 kN2500 kN580 X 5809.7 ton
DC350R-H35011 m/s344 kN3500 kN650 x 65012.5 ton
DC500R-H50012 m/s490 kN5000 kN750 X 75021.5 ton
DC650R-H65010.5 m/s550 kN6500 kN850 X 85029.5 ton
DC800R-H80010.0 m/s600 kN8000 kN930 X 93039 ton

TOSCAST targets user friendliness and productivity. Utilizing the touch screen, users are able to quickly and easily perform many production duties from one location. 

The basic functions of Toscast allow operators the ability to input die information, set core sequences, change injection parameters, adjust timers and counters, view the shot profile and recall stored die data for quick set up times.

Unlike logic valve constructed injection systems, which only offer a two speed injection process (slow and high), the servo provides the flexibility to accelerate and decelerate the injection cylinder throughout the entire injection process as needed.

Also incorporated is a braking system which eliminates flashing issues by decreasing the injection speed milliseconds before impact.

Dual-loop system – monitoring spool positions and real-time feedback control throughout the injection process.

TC-200 is the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) provided on every Toshiba Machine sold. This PLC is produced by Toshiba Machine and is the foundation upon which all other electrical components are built.

Over many years of use it has proven to be extremely reliable and a true work horse in the harsh die casting environments.

TCPGROS-E is software enabling the user to communicate to the PLC utilizing their own lap top computer machine side.  

  • Provides easy access to the ladder logic,
  • Supports the creation of additional programming rungs,
  • Real time monitoring,
  • Supports quick trouble shooting by viewing the I/O. 

A True Turn Key System - Toshiba Machine is one of few machine makers in the world which can truly provide a Turn Key System. Not only does Toshiba Machine offer an unmistakably reliable fully automated machine, Toshiba Machine also engineers and manufactures its own Ladling Units, Spray and Extractor Robots, and Plunger Lubrication Units, providing the ability to incorporate everything into one controller for ease and productivity.