Machine Specifications

Introducing our DC135J-T machine
The DC135J-T has increased reliability and enlarged casting capabilities. It promises stable production even under harsh working conditions and continuous quick cycle operation. The injection performance has been greatly improved, making a wide range of casting possible.
250-800Tons NEW R-Series Injection Speed Up To 8.0m/s with TOSCAST 888
Injection speeds up to 8.0m/s. Updated TOSCAST 888 monitoring system with ethernet capabilities. Availible with adjustable multi position injection system. Optional servo main motor
250-800Tons NEW R-Series Injection Speed Up To 13.0m/s with TOSCAST 888
Capable of reaching injection speeds between 10 -13m/s, the J-MH line is the fastest and most advanced injection system Toshiba Machine has to offer.
Custom Large Sized Machines 1250-3500 ton
Toshiba Machine offers machine sizes from 1250-3500 ton which are built to customer specifications and needs.
Peripheral Equipment
Not only does Toshiba Machine offer an unmistakably reliable fully automated machine, but also engineers and manufactures its own Ladling Units, Spray and Extractor Robots and Plunger Lubrication Units.