Machine Specifications

Toshiba Machine introduces "Affordable" and "Lightweight" THL SCARA ROBOT LINE  
Toshiba Machine’s latest line of low-cost and lightweight SCARA Robots, the THL Series, is ideal for price-conscious end-users, and system integrators looking to incorporate automation. The THL Series consists of three SCARA robot models, each uniquely offered at the same price point. (THL500,THL600,THL700)
THL500   500mm arm length, 10kg(22lbs) Max. Payload
THL600   600mm arm length, 10kg(22lbs) Max. Payload
THL700   700mm arm length, 10kg(22lbs) Max. Payload

Toshiba Machine adds THL300 and THL400 to THL SCARA ROBOT LINE.

THL300   300mm arm length, 5kg(11lbs) Max. Payload
THL400   400mm arm length, 5kg(11lbs) Max. Payload
ModelControllerStandard Cycle TimeMax Payload
TH180TS10000.35 s (with 1kg load)2kg
TH250ATS10000.41 s (with 1kg load)3kg
TH350ATS10000.41 s (with 1kg load)3kg
TH450ATS20000.3 s (with 1kg load)5kg
TH550ATS20000.33 s (with 2kg load)5kg
TH650ATS21000.31 s (with 2kg load)10kg
TH850ATS21000.39 s (with 2kg load)20kg
TH1050ATS21000.39 s (with 2kg load)20kg
TH1200ATS31000.39 s (with 2kg load)20kg
THP550TS30000.29 s (with 1kg load)2kg
THL500TSL30000.45s (with 2kg load)10kg
THL600TSL30000.45 s (with 2kg load)10kg
THL700TSL30000.50 s (with 2kg load)10kg
THL300TSL30000.48s (with 2kg load)5kg
THL400TSL30000.48s (with 2kg load)5kg

The built-in PLC, controllers are compact and fit anywhere.
It has maximum six axis simultaneous and can be implemented to various interfaces of field network.

The controllers use the SCOL programming language, which is similar to BASIC.

  • TS1000
  • TS2000
  • TS2100
  • TS3000
  • TS3100

Z-axis long stroke option (-Z) is available for larger up-down movements and handling longer pieces.

Available Models and Length:

  • TH450A, TH550A: 300mm
  • TH650A, TH850A, TH1050A, TH1200A:  400mm

Additional options are available on models, TH650A, TH850A, TH1050A and TH1200A.

  • Protective Bellows for Z-Axis (-B)
  • Z-Axis Cap (-C)

These options are Ideal when using the robot in a hostile environment so as to protect splasing from liquid and abrasive materials.

Ceiling mount option (-T) is available for more freedom in system layout and effective use of a space.

Available on

  • TH350A
  • TH450A
  • TH550A
  • TH650A
  • TH850A
  • TH1050A


Clean-Room design (-CR, -CRB) is available for applications in semiconductor and pharmaceuticals and etc.

  • TH-CR series extends to Clean Room Class 10 (0.1 µm: -CRB, 0.3 µm: -CR)
  • Operating speeds of Axis 2 and 3 are restricted to 80%.
  • Applicable around the hand area and in the downward airflow of speed 0.4 m/s or larger.

Applicable Models: ALL SCARA models


Waterproof design (-IP)- IP65 option is ideal for food and pharmaceutical fields.

Industrial robots benefit hugely from the versatility offered by IP65 ingress protection, which allows them to be become a part of the manufacturing process in food and pharmaceutical applications, rather than being limited to end of line packaging.

  • Ideal when using the robot in a hostile environment so as to protect splashing from liquid and abrasive material
  • In case of Z-axis 400mm, the height of the robot tool flange is located 10mm lower than the standard type and Z-axis stoke becomes 390mm

Available Models: TH650A, TH850A, TH1050A, TH1200A and THP550

Toshiba Machine's TSPC software makes your system integration easier thanks to its wide range of functions.

Software features:

  • Cycle time testing, accurate to a fraction of a second, allows verification of all robot programmers in advance
  • Grammar check verifies that correct file names are used in programming
  • Allows the use of personal computer instead of an FDD unit
  • Simple program storage
  • Allows editing, storage and syntax checking via PC
  • Communication is performed throught a PC


TCPRGOS-W software can support programming to create, monitor and debug of ladder-logic programming built-in PLC.

  • Easy Ladder-style logic programming for the built-in PLC.
  • In addition to program creation, on-line monitoring of ladder program and I/O status help reduce development and dubugging time.
  • Extensive functions such as address map display, comment display and search functions are provided.
  • The time required for developping and debugging can be shortend significantly.
  • Sequence programs and I/Os can be monitored online.
  • Compatible with touch panel display.
  • A variety of functions such as address map display, comment display and search are available.



  • Tool Flanges:
    Tool flanges for end effectors mounting is available on TH180/ TH250A/ TH350A/ TH450A/ TH550.
  • Additional 5th Axis:  
    Traverse axis, Wrist axis & etc. can be added for workpiece flip-over or moving the robot on a traverse axis. The option is available on TH450A/ TH550/ TH650A/ TH850A/ TH1050A/ TH1200A