Machine Specifications

Toshiba Machine's SCARA or Selective Compliant Assembly (or Articulated) Robot Arm is available in a variety of sizes for assembly, material handling, pick and place, sealing, palletizing and positioning applications, our SCARA robots as well as Cartesian robots are easily integrated into Toshiba Machine Machine Tools, Injection Molding machines, and Die Casting machines.
Toshiba Machine 's Cartesian robots lines offer a wide range of configurations, from single-axis to multiple-Cartesian axes,to meet customer's requirements.
Vertical Articulated Robot
Toshiba Machine's new line of 6-axis robot, model TV800 and TV1000 are the 1st 6-Axis Robot Ever Manufactured by Toshiba Machine.
Large Horizontal Multi-Joint Robot
The revolutionary payload capability, combined with an arm length reaching between 1050 and 1950 mm (based on customer specifications), make the SR-1504HZ ideal for palletizing large, heavy workpieces.
Other Robot
FPD Handling Robot, Semiconductor Cassette Handling Robot, Painting Robot (OEM), Linear Motor
What's TCmini? TCmini, this low cost easy-order PLC that does not require much time to develop.