Machine Name: TUE Series Model Number: TUE-100 & TUE-100(S)



Adapting the ram cross-sectional dimensions equivalent to the higher model, strong cutting is achieved.

Table rotation speed adapts to a variety of materials with high power motor and the wide speed range from low speed to high speed.

The fastest rapid traverse in the class contributes to reduction in machining time.

The full enclosure with interlock is provided as standard in order to improve the safety and/or environmental measures.


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Machine Specifications unit  
Travel X-axis travel (Horizontal rail travel) inch (mm) -20.1 ~ 29.5 (-510 ~ 750)
Z-axis travel (Vertical ram travel) 31.5 (800)
Capacity Table diameter inch (mm) 40.0 (1,016)
Max. work piece swing/cutting Dia. inch (mm) 47.2 (1,200)
Max. cutting height inch (mm) 33.4 (850)
Max. cutting force of ram lbf (N) 4,400 (19,600)
Max. load on table lbs (kg) 4,400 (2,000)
Table Max. torque lbf.ft (N.m) 7,252 (9,833)
Rotation speed RPM 2 ~ 600
Table Spindle Motor (30 min. / continuous) HP (kW) 60 / 50 (AC 45 / 37)
Machine Size Machine height inch (mm) 272.7 (6,927)
Floor space 354.0 x 497.6 (8,992 x 12,640)
Mass of machine (including CNC system) lbs (kg) 118,600 (53,800)