Machine Name: Hydraulic Model Number: ISGS390N-27
Toshiba's new ISGSN Series Servo Hydraulic machine model combines our energy efficient servo technology with our proven hydraulic design.

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ISGS390N-27 Injection Molding Machine
ITEM Unit ISGS390N-27
CLAMP Clamping Force US Ton 386
    Mold Opening Force US Ton 22.0
Distance Between Rods (H x V) in 31.9 x 31.9
Platen Dimensions (H x V) in 43.3 x 43.3
Clamp Stroke in 37
Open Daylight (Maximum) in 49.2
Closed Daylight (Min.Mold) in 11.8
Ejector Force (Hydraulic) US Ton 11.00
Ejector Stroke in 4.9
INJECTION Injection Unit   i27
Barrel Code   AT B
Screw Diameter in 2.76 3.15
Injection Volume Calculated in3 90.0 118.0
Injection Capacity PS oz 48.0 63.0
PE oz 38.0 50.0
Injection Pressure PSI 25800 19800
Injection Rate in3/s 25.0 32.0
Plasticizing Capacity PS lb/h 517.0 714.0
Screw Speed rpm 162 162
GENERAL Utilized Oil Quantity Gal 320
Motor for Pump HP 60
Heater Capacity kW 22.3
Machine Dimensions in 296 x 88 x 93
Machine Weight   US Ton 20.6
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